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                    Medical project
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                    Medical project

                    While deeply studying the characteristics of hospital logistics business, our company innovatively combined the mature technology in the field of industrial transportation and sorting, developed the full-automatic medium-sized BOX logistics transmission System EBLS (ESSEN BOX Logistic System) suitable for hospitals, and comprehensively improved the level of automation and intelligence of hospital logistics from the aspects of hardware and software. Scope of transmission items: drugs, LPS, samples, disinfectant kits, surgical instruments, disposable sterile items, bedding, meals, etc. Features of meilongzhong logistics transmission system:
                    (1) adopt the mature technology that has been used in industry for 40 years, and the system is stable and reliable. At the same time, combine with the actual situation of domestic hospitals, innovate and develop more contents (such as safety protection devices, automatic doors, etc.) that are in line with the use of domestic hospitals.
                    (2) the destination address of the turnover box shall be managed by barcode or RFID, and the logistics transportation shall be fully automatic (no need to set the destination floor manually), and the whole transportation process shall be monitored at the same time.
                    (3) high transport stability: the turnover box is always horizontal, no rollover, no high acceleration. Positive and negative horizontal transmission, ensure the system efficient continuous transmission.
                    (4) all the important parts adopt international famous brand products and adopt distributed drive to ensure the reliability, durability and environmental protection of the system.
                    (5) deeply docking HIS system to improve the degree of informatization and automation